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Team-Based Learning (TBL) is an evidence-based form of collaborative group learning that enables instructors to provide enriched, memorable learning experiences in which students demonstrate increased in-class engagement and deeper learning (Briggs & Tang, 2011).

Throughout the course (or module) students engage deeply with course content and/or real-world problems requiring them to work together to solve complex problems, make decisions and receive feedback. TBL can be the main instructional strategy or used in conjunction with other strategies (e.g., experiential learning, problem-based learning, case-based learning, etc.) and various class sizes. 

The TBL method is an empirically tested approach to course design that has been used widely across North America, the UK, Asia, and Australia in a variety of college/university disciplines including:

  • Health Sciences
  • Sciences
  • Literature
  • Social Sciences
  • Business
  • Technology and Trades

On November 1st and 2nd, The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (University of Manitoba) will be hosting a two-day TBL Fundamentals Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba facilitated by TBL experts from the Team-Based Learning Collaborative.

This workshop will provide attendees with the fundamental knowledge, resources, and skills to design and implement TBL in university/college settings. This interactive and experiential institute will cover the five critical topics for success in TBL:

  • Fundamental Principles and Practices of TBL
  • Creating and Effective TBL Module
  • Evaluating Multiple Choice Questions 
  • Improving Facilitation skills for a TBL classroom
  • Peer Feedback and Evaluation

At the end of this institute participants will have completed the requirements to obtain the “Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL Certificate” from the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC).


Chris Burns, Ph.D., NRAEMT

Chair and Professor of Biomedical Education, California Health Sciences University
TBLC Trainer-Consultant
Treasurer & Steering Committee Member, TBLC


Amy De Jaeger, Ph.D.

Lead – Research, Evaluation and Innovation, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning 
University of Manitoba
TBLC Trainer-Consultant


Richard Plunkett, Ph.D.

Senior Instructor, University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus
Chair, Research & Scholarship Committee & Steering Committee Member, TBLC 


Colleen Webb M. Ed.

Lead – Consultation & Development, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
University of Manitoba
TBLC Practitioner Candidate

Sponsored by The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, University of Manitoba, in affiliation with the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC).

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