November 4, 2020  12pm - 1pm (EST)


Literacy has significantly changed over this past decade and its meaning has expanded far beyond basic reading and writing skills. In Canada, we have a 99% literacy rate, however, literacy also encompasses the ability to use; language, numbers, images, and technology. 

Plain language as we know it, (aka plain English) is a way of writing or presenting information so that readers can understand quickly and easily. Plain language should be easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use. The more concise your messaging, the more likely you will connect with your audience and they will relate and appreciate what you say.

Today, it is more important than ever, that we communicate in plain language. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Writing Styles
  • Why it is important to leave the jargon behind
  • Boosting writing speeds & shedding bad habits
  • Tools & Techniques so you don’t kill your content
  • Understanding rules you should break & rules you shouldn’t
  • Utilizing report templates to increase time management
  • Joint Authorship
  • Understanding Council Expectations
  • Grammar Tips & Tricks and what to avoid
  • How mind mapping can get you going & help organize the thought process
  • Computer Tools: readability stats, fonts & features (ODOA Compliance)
  • Design Tips 


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For questions or more information please contact the Ontario Municipal Leadership Institute at [email protected]