March 5 & 6, 2018 - Barrie

Significant changes continue to impact our workplaces and as “baby boomers” retire... employers and unions are challenged to; manage relationships, improve communications and develop trust.  

Improve your skills managing unionized employees and develop practical skills in managing their performance, attendance and conduct as well as your ability to read, understand and apply a collective agreement.


 - Collective Bargaining

- Labour Law

 - Collective Agreements

 - Roles & Responsibilities

 - Management Styles

 - Delegating Work



 - The Difficult Employee

 - Attendance Management

 - Performance Management

 - Discipline

 - Grievances

 - Negotiations

 - Relations Management

In this workshop we discuss:

Rand Decision

Unions –  The “Context and Roles”

Legislation – The Labour Relations Act (tough collective bargaining including what constitutes a legal and illegal strike action, such as; workers slowing down productivity, legal and illegal lock-outs, and going to mediation or arbitration

Labour Law 

Bad faith bargaining – What it is and what it isn’t?

Conciliation, Mediation, Strikes and Lockouts 

Role of Public Opinion

Ratification – What is it? Who ratifies and what are the rules?

Employee performance issues, up to and including dismissal including arbitration or mediation

Dealing with aggressive or poorly behaved employees in meetings work refusals

Chance agreements and common pitfalls such as constructive dismissal

WSIB work accommodations, physical demand analysis and other related information including,  the do’s and don’ts

Modified work duties, accommodations that are none work-related, how to deal with them  and understanding employers obligations and dispelling myths such as having to create a job for them

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