VIAX Education presents FirstFit Plus-Minimally Invasive Preparation Technology Training. This course combines the groundbreaking FirstFit Bridge and Crown technology hands-on training with an introductory seminar on NOVOsmile as well as an informative session on the advanced technology of the Lucerna Laser.  This course presents a unique 3 for 1 opportunity to learn about the simple and effective tools you can use to really transform your practice right away.

FIRSTFIT™ Bridge and Crown
First Fit Bridge is the most significant advancement in dentistry in over 100 years. Learn about this amazing new approach to delivering restorations in our highly informative training course. Using innovative CAD/CAM and 3D printing technology, you will learn how it is now possible to prepare and deliver a clinically superior and more aesthetic crown and bridge in less time than you ever thought imaginable, all while eliminating the need for temporaries and NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT! Increase your productivity and provide a safe and healthy option for your patients. Learn why doctors are calling this new technology “a dental dream!"

NOVOsmile™ Removable Appliance
NOVOsmile with FirstFit technology is the fastest growing #1 implant temporary in the world. This exciting technology will soon make ‘flippers” a thing of the past. It can be used as a more cost effective cosmetic option for patients considering veneers. This introduction will give you a great overview of the many ways NOVOsmile can be used in your practice.

Intoduction to Laser Dentistry
This introduction will show you how the industry's only Multi Functional smart laser can cure, whiten, and prepare tissue with the utmost safety, ease and reliability saving you time, energy and generating income right away.

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