Whisperings of the Land Series Indigenous Speaker Series

Indigenous Science --- Taking a Spiritual Path

Talk by Dr. Herman J. Michell

Event Date: April 6, 2022    |   Event Time: 11:00 AM -1:00 PM Saskatchewan Time

Event Location: Online Event

This presentation is part of the 2022 “Whisperings of the Land” Indigenous Speakers series: Indigenous Science---Taking a spiritual path, organized by the Faculty of Education, where Indigenous speakers share their perspectives on Indigenous science, and how all teaching and learning is spiritually imbued.

Dr. Herman Michell will focus on the bridging of Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge. Woodland Cree culture, worldview, knowledge system, language, ceremonies, values, songs, dances, and way of life are rooted in the land. Dr. Michell will highlight the importance of integrating Indigenous Knowledge systems in science education as a way to motivate First Nations learners to pursue the pure and applied sciences where they are highly under-represented.


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