For Government & Public Sector Organizations 


DATE: May 22, 2019 

LOCATION: Burlington   TIME: 9am - 4:30pm

ONLY $349./pp + HST  
 (Includes All Materials & Light Lunch/Refreshments)  



A one-day workshop developed to create an awareness of the means of deploying and the impact that a LEAN Six Sigma initiative has on an organization resulting in “Business Process Improvements” and "Cost Reductions". 


  • Increase your understanding of LEAN Six Sigma techniques as business process improvement methodologies.
  • Assist you in assessing the overall impact that LEAN Six Sigma can have on your organization.
  • Help you to gain an understanding of the role you, as a LEAN LEADER - "Champion" can have to achieve the greatest level of success.
  • Share some examples of how LEAN Six Sigma has re-energized governments and provide some practical examples of its application and success.

LEAN Six Sigma - White Belts are organizational Champions of LEAN and drive organizational change. Champions are typically responsible for; project selection, team assignments and progress tracking. This workshop provides tools and techniques and prepares you to fulfill the role of the Champion. It also includes fundamentals of LEAN leadership, change management and project management. 

A LEAN Champion also generates project ideas, prioritizes them, assigns them to other LEAN Belts and tracks them to successful completion. The Open Source Six Sigma LEAN Six Sigma Champion workshop provides everything you need to know in order to perform the function of a LEAN Six Sigma Champion to the highest standards.


  • Managing People through Change
  • Project & Team Selection
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Project Tracking and Analysis
  • Key Metrics
  • Communication & Recognition
  • Explore and Utilize Templates and Tools for Project
  • Management, Selection and Reporting

Making service improvements has typically been viewed, as the way of introducing “higher costs and ultimately an increase in taxes”. Government Services are constantly under tremendous scrutiny with a focus on traditional cost-cutting measures such as; downsizing, delaying the implementation/timing of a project, cutting actual key components of the service , etc…

At OMLI we are working closely with governments and public sector organizations across North America, by shifting the focus on the "customer". We work towards eliminating waste, non-value added activities and guarantee that you will reap significant financial rewards!

  1. You have been doing the same thing over and over without any significant improvement – “same old results”.
  2. Improving services at the same or lower costs, means getting a NEW PLAYBOOK!
  3. If your objective is to find new capacity within your employees, then you need to direct energy to important services and ELIMINATE the things that DON’T ADD VALUE.
  4. Shifting your focus on your customer and eliminating the non-value added activities and business processes does NOT mean reducing quality customer service.
  5. Re-energizing your organization to get employees excited about what they do will ignite endless possibilities.
  6. Taking the time to examine the actual work performed will provide valuable insight into proper planning for the future.   


"Doing less with less... usually costs more in the long run."  








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