Join Us at the Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre in Edmonton for the Indigenous Women's Justice Forum.

About The Forum  

The Indigenous Women’s Justice Forum will create a space for the Indigenous community, government and institutional leaders to discuss changes needed to the justice system for improved outcomes for Indigenous women. Those who attend will explore what is happening in the courtroom; the correctional system; and within the policing system. Then through facilitated workshops and table discussions, we will plan what to do in our families, communities, and institutions.

Women will share their stories, to capture what we have learned, so that our grandchildren have better experiences to share and their voice will be heard within the proposed changes.

Guest, speakers, researchers, and government leaders will present information to inspire creative, positive and collaborative recommendations for the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women to lead, co-lead, or present in the coming year.

Join us at the Ramada Edmonton Inn & Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, on October 3 & 4, 2017.

The Host

The Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW) is the host of the 2017 Indigenous Women's Justice Forum. The IAAW was established in 1995 as a non-profit society in the Province of Alberta to respond to the needs of Aboriginal women in Alberta. With our specialized services for women, IAAW provides many after-crisis supports that build confidence, foster independence and open doors to resources. Currently the IAAW provides advocacy, leadership and financial literacy skill development programs across the province.

Building on the beauty and strength of Indigenous Women in Alberta, the IAAW coordinates the annual Esquao Awards Gala to recognize significant accomplishments made in a community through an honouring ceremony. Since its inception in 1995, over 416 First Nation, Metis and Inuit women from over 90 communities have been honoured.

Indigenous women are recognized as the traditional guardians of the culture, and protectors of our water. With encouragement and opportunity, they will lead the way to a fair justice system. 

The Format of the Forum

Before each breakout session, facilitators will provide a two- minute overview of their session. Delegates can then choose which breakout session they would like to attend. This format allows for an overview of all sessions for all delegates. In each session facilitators will present for twenty minutes, then facilitate an interactive community planning session to find ways to integrate teachings into their lives. 

On the second day, delegates will reflect on discussion that happened in the workshops and panels, then will join together with partners to build recommendations for IAAW.

Sorry, registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact Rachelle Venne at 18774712171 or [email protected] for more information.