To truly soar, an aircraft needs the right design, equipment, personnel and conditions. These elements come together in a precise balance of weight and lift, drag and thrust, all maneuvered by a flight crew’s skilled and steady hand to navigate the environment.

As your agency seeks to be a Force for the Future, it needs a similar sense of balance, structure and expert guidance to overcome – and, even, gain advantage from – countervailing forces, external pressures, and environmental turbulence, making for a truly spectacular display! HCA’s Annual Conference is ready to help set your navigational system away from the rigid lane of volume-based care to the flightpath of value, giving you the tools for a smooth, secure and stunning take-off in service to your patients.

Our ‘navigation experts’ will help you get the right crew in place – one that can see new horizons beyond the cloud line of transitioning to PDGM and other challenges. We’ll show you how to glide in tandem with system partners and make a smooth connection for the benefit of improved patient care coordination. Technology experts will reveal some exciting solutions that offer field-level clinical data and operational analytics, enhancing the efficiency of your “flight time” and your clinical outcomes. And we’ll help you become more productive by reclaiming “white space” … so that you can look clear-eyed at the vast expanse of opportunity and priorities before you out the cockpit window. 

Annual Conference 2019 Agenda At a Glance

Online registration for this event has closed, however there is limited space available. Please contact the HCA Office for details at 518-426-8764