GEND-2326: Pets

We invite community members to join our Community Engagement Courses. As you immerse yourself in the course content of your choosing, you will have the opportunity to connect with both the course instructor and Nipissing students. There is no requirement to submit coursework, nor will you receive a grade for participating in the course. Students explore the cross-cultural history of pet keeping. With a substantive focus on research around the coevolution of dogs and humans, as opposed to the latecomer cats, who apparently agree to live with us because it suits them, students consider such ideas as domestication, wildness, and the problems of feral animals; the economic and environmental implications of pet keeping; and the dilemma of keeping lions and tigers in our back yards.

Sorry, registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact Office of the Dean of Arts and Science at 705-474-3450 Ext. 4366 or [email protected] for more information.