ASQPresents! October 2020


Event Date: 10/08/2020    |    Event Time: 6:00 PM (EST)

Event Location: Zoom!



Presenter:        Mark A. Morris, M and M Consulting, LLC

  • ASQ Fellow
  • ASME Senior Level GDTP
  • Master of Education


I think about geometry.  As a former machinist, tool maker, and gage builder, how could I not think about geometry?  From a practical perspective geometry controls how parts go together and work together for their intended useful life.  When errors in geometry exist, waste occurs.  Dr. Taguchi would call this loss to society.  Phil Crosby called it the price of nonconformance, the excess costs associated with poor quality, having to do things over and again.  So I think it natural for those of us in manufacturing to think about geometry.

I also teach geometry.  Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) provides methods to specify and communicate requirements for the size, form, orientation, and location of features on parts, so these requirements will be understood, operationally definite in their meaning.  Once specified, GD&T allows us to measure these features relative to the a common set of explicitly defined datum features, so we can determine and agree conformity or nonconformity, as the case may be. 

There are a set of rules designed to guide us in our application and assessment of geometric specifications.  The current standard is Dimensioning and Tolerancing, ASME Y14.5 – 2018.

This presentation examines perfect geometry (or at least near perfect geometry) from the development of flat plates through the creation of machine tools.  Understanding perfect geometry, we can logically assess how much variation might be acceptable for given applications, how to communicate this acceptable tolerance using feature control frames, and devise strategies to measure these features.

It’s true.  When students ask interesting questions (where the answers aren’t inherently obvious) it is common for me to awaken, usually about 3:30 the following morning with solutions to their situations.  Thus the name of this presentation, Dreams of Geometry.




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