6 Weekly Webinars 

DATES: Feb. 3, 10, 17, 24 / March 3, 10

TIME: 3pm - 4pm (EST)


This training program has been specifically developed for NEWLY appointed supervisors and managers or anyone who aspires to advance to a leadership role within their organization.


ONLINE WEBINARS ARE: Convenient, Effective, Affordable, Engaging & Interactive 


Webinar #1 (February 3) – Making the Transition to Supervisor/Manager

Successfully transitioning into a new leadership role from Peer to Supervisor/Manager 


  • Making the transition from peer to supervisor/manager
  • The difference between managing and leading
  • Understanding and Aligning with the Mission, Vision and Corporate Values of your Organization
  • The importance of consistency and ethics in the workplace
  • Being highly effective – 7 Habits    


Webinar #2 (February 10) - Strategic Planning and Financial Management

The importance of the “Strategic Plan” and how it influences the work you do.   Understanding your role in developing and managing your budget.  


  • Strategic Planning – process, goals/objectives and tasks – performance measures – the budget process – Financial Controls 
  • Different approaches to thinking (Strategic, Critical and Systems thinking) Developing Creative Choices
  • Developing Key Performance Measures 
  • Procurement/Purchasing – staying on track 


Webinar #3 (February 17) - Effective Communications 

Listening carefully, understanding emotions and setting the right tone when communicating with others.


  • Building/Supporting your Team
  • Why those difficult conversations are important!
  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
  • Engaging others in decisions
  • Building TRUST
  • Generational differences at work


Webinar #4 (February 24) - Organizational Culture and Time Management 

Gain the insight and develop the skills to get things done.  Managing toward outcomes!


  • Corporate Culture in the Organization
  • Planning the work - working the plan 
  • The art of delegating
  • Setting priorities and monitoring progress
  • Meetings can be frustrating and time consuming! Making them effective.
  • Remote work – is it the new normal – what does it mean?
  • Change Management requires personal commitment. 


Webinar #5 (March 3) - Human Resource Management 

Understanding Collective Agreements – Policies - Rights and Responsibilities


  • Recruitment, Interviewing, On-boarding, Coaching and Disciplining,
  • Setting clear performance expectations 
  • When is a performance management plan required? 
  • Maintaining a Harassment Free and Respectful workplace, Health & Wellness, Workplace Safety
  • Building resilience in the workplace


Webinar #6 (March 10) - Political and Public Expectations; Delivering on Customer Service Standards 

Understanding what it means to work in Political Fishbowl, balancing competing expectation and surviving!


  • Everything is Local – Dealing with Elected Officials
  • Understanding your customer’s expectations
  • Building your network
  • Dealing with difficult people, when nothing seems to work!
  • How to effectively manage upward
  • When and how to make course corrections – lessons learned
  • Taking care of yourself – Avoiding Burnout 
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