"Bridging the Gap"  

WEBINAR: Monday, June 17, 2019     TIME: 12pm - 1pm (EST)

Today more than any time in our recent history, the need for "political acumen" as a critical skill is obvious.  Given the competing interests and the complexity of government, the public expectations demand that public servants remain professional, non-partisan policy advisors.  

The political awareness and knowledge required by public servants would suggest that they can manage these competing public and political interests, as well as the various stakeholder relationships, protocols and practices, to produce better policy and strategic advice. 

We call this political acumen and as public servants we are constantly striving to make sense out of the chaos.   


Political Acuity is about how you exercise your judgement; using your knowledge and understanding of the various facets of an issue, the drivers and the stakeholders and how you develop your approach to the issue, as well as knowing when and how to act. 



 Gaining a better awareness of the divide between what's political acceptability and administrative sustainability; 

  • Politics as choices among conflicting values;
  • Compare political and administrative values and perspectives; 
  • Provide strategies to identify and address competing interests; 
  • Identify, and align roles for CAO and senior administration


  • Understanding how to apply KEY SKILLS and BEHAVIOURS through a proven PROCESS Model (ABC) to achieve the results you are seeking.
  • Understanding core skills that are required to develop your political acuity
  • Understanding of key behaviours that will position you favourably with those you are seeking to influence
  • Outlining a process to help you put your position forward with the various audiences you will be engaging
  • Anticipating the challenges that you will be facing in advancing your position


This webinar will be of interest to senior municipal leaders who are charged with making key decisions, developing policy and especially those who are tasked with preparing reports for legislative bodies (municipal councils & other levels of government).

This webinar provides effective strategies and helpful perspectives to make better informed decisions and recommendations. 

Learning how to navigate through the mine fields that exist will serve you well and will build your confidence. 

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