It all Begins with Hello! 


A 3-Part Mini Lunch'n Learn Weekly Webinar Series

DATE: Tuesday June 1, 8, 15, 2021      

TIME: 12pm - 1pm (EST)



Municipalities today continue to be faced with significant challenges in the areas of providing customer service excellence, and cost effective delivery of its' services. 
Public expectations and demands continue to be on the uprise, and citizen engagement and experiences are often influenced by interactions. As public servants there is a need to ensure a consistent approach to providing top-drawer customer service. 
This customized 3-part webinar series provides some tools and tips for providing excellent customer service from the inside out.

Throughout the series we discuss:

Aligning Corporate Vision, Mission, Values and Corporate Service Standards

What is stated and what is enacted…what is expected of staff, what is expected by the organization

Personality Dynamics 

The role of emotions and intellect in customer service

Effectively Managing Challenging Behaviours - How to avoid them, manage them, survive them

De-escalation Techniques when dealing with difficult people to get you through the day

Communication Strategies: It takes all of you

Generational Diversity and how it impacts communication

Supporting our colleagues – we listen, we learn, we support each other…

❖Wrapping up with the “Do’s and Don’ts”


Please Note:

ALL live sessions are recorded, so if you are unable to attend we are happy to send you a link to the listen to the recording at your convenience.

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For questions or more information please contact the Ontario Municipal Leadership Institute at [email protected]