Welcome to On-line Registration!  CIU 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - JUNE 2, 3, 4, 2019  

Host Location: TORONTO MARRIOTT BLOOR ~ YORKVILLE HOTEL - 90 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON Canada M4W 1A7 (416) 961-8000



GENERAL REGISTRATION INFO: Register now to attend CIU's 2019 AGM as a CIU Member/Non-Member Delegate, New FALU, Speaker, Sponsor Representative or Guest.  Registration categories and applicable Fees are described below. Registrants may select to attend all, or any portions of the 2-Day program of meetings and events. Registration may include main stage presentations, breakout sessions and networking events as offered through the various Registration categories of the 2019 program. Registrants may also opt for single day attendance. Attendance is related to the selected Registration and associated Fee category. All daily events and food and beverage services for either the full 2 days, or any single day attendance, these services and events are included with your Fees. Sessions and event details are outlined in the CIU 2019 AGM AGENDAPlease refer to the next section outlining the details and parameters of each Registration category. Contact CIU if you have any questions.

CIU's Registration Desk will be open between 4:00 - 6:00 PM on Sunday, June 2nd. Light refreshments will be served during this time, as you take the opportunity to network with friends and industry colleagues...


Early-bird Fees are in effect until May 22nd, 2019 ~ Late Fees in effect May 23 - June  2nd, 2019

CIU AGM Member Fees are extended to current CIU Members in good standing

Please Register ONE Attendee per Registration Form. For assistance with group registrations, e-mail CIU Administrator: [email protected] 

These are the available CIU 2019 AGM Registration and related attendance options:

CIU 2019 AGM *2 DAY Registration, June 3-4: includes access to all sessions and events on both days

DAY 1 *Single Day Registration June 3rd, 2019: includes access to all DAY 1, Monday sessions & events & requests your RSVP to the CIU Theme Reception. 

DAY 2 *Single Day Registration June 4th, 2019: includes access to all DAY 2, Tuesday sessions & events & CIU's EXPO Showcase Luncheon Reception. 

NEW FALU AWARD RECIPIENTS: to our New FALUs who have RSVP'd to an invitation to attend ALU and CIU's New FALU Awards Ceremony, Monday, June 3rd - if you plan to attend DAY 2 of the AGM, please register for DAY 2, Tuesday June 4th only, as a CIU Member. (New FALUs are Guests of the CIU on DAY 1, Monday June 3rd).

SPONSOR REPRESENTATIVES: must be registered and are defined as those persons representing and/or assisting CIU Sponsor Delegates. Sponsor Reps may attend CIU's Cocktail Reception, Monday, June 3rd, and are Booth Reps attending CIU's EXPO Hall Showcase on Tuesday, June 4th. Sponsors Reps may partake of the June 4th Breakfast, daily break services, as well as the CIU-Hosted EXPO Hall Luncheon. Access to presentations/sessions are not included in your pass.

SPEAKERS: who may be planning to attend an additional session day (other than the day of their presentation) we ask that you register for the appropriate single Day Registration as a CIU Member. (Attendance on the day of your presentation is complimentary).

GUESTS: are defined as a Spouse or Partner of a Registered Delegate attending the AGM 2 Day Program: Registration Fee of $150.00 includes June 3 & 4 Breakfasts and the Monday, June 3rd CIU Theme Reception. (no access to sessions).

There are multiple Fee categories ... SUMMARY OF CIU 2019 AGM FEES AT-A-GLANCE:

Conference Dress Code: Business (stage participants) or Business Casual, Jeans OK.

This event is now closed.

Please contact Marian Kingsmill, CIU Administrator at 905-627-0773 or [email protected] for more information.