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Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) Data Bootcamp: Turning Data into Answers



Event Date: 18 & 19 November 2019    |    Event Time: 8 AM - 5 PM



 Elucidates biologic/ biopharm quality attributes of mass, stoichiometry, assembly, conformation, shape, and association behavior Developing molecules into medicines requires understanding SFR.
 Regulatory agencies require proving methods fit for purpose through using orthogonal methods, AUC represent great choice as direct method and as orthogonal method.
 Measures biologics aggregation, target molecules, protein protein interactions, quantitate nucleotide content of viral capsids, loaded vs empty virus, and viral fragments.
 Gives confidence for successful characterization, comparability, analytical methods development, formulation, and stability for all products from biopharm and biologic modalities.


 AUC fundamentals, experimental procedures, and instrumentation of ProteomeLab and Optima.
 Self assembly and aggregation. Robust aggregate quantification using distributions.
 AUC application and optimization of experiments of viral particles, genes, cells, and exosomes
 Deep insight of interpreting distribution functions.
 Considerations for sample’s concentration, buffers, and biological matrices of plasma or serum.
 Difference between interacting system and non interacting mixtures.
 AUC data analysis using SEDANAL, Ultrascan , Sednterp , and SEDFIT.
 Comparison between AUC and other techniques such as SEC MALS, DLS, and AFFFF.
 Use and misuse of AUC, artifacts, signal to noise, instrument, and applicability of the fitting model.
 Bring your own data for analysis and discussion.


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