ASQPresents! March 2021


Event Date: 03/11/2021    |    Event Time: 5:30 PM (EST)

Event Location: Zoom





ASQ Presents!™ The Value of Critical Thinking in the Workplace

Main Speaker: Kurt Stuke.

Given the hectic pace and relentless pressures present within many organizational settings, our focus can understandably be on the “right-here” and “right-now.” Deep philosophical pondering, or critical thinking, seems impractical. Even if we did have the time, why bother? The value that follows from critical thinking may not be clear.

Within this webinar, the value of applied critical thinking within an organization will be articulated. The value will be expressed in terms of waste (or muda) reduction and risk mitigation. The potential differentiation introduced through critical thinking will also be explored.

The webinar will begin with a brief thought experiment used to illustrate the need and value of critical thinking. A two-fold analysis of the potential barriers to critical thought will follow. The first set of barriers are internal; these are the barriers we impose upon information. The second set of barriers are external; these are the barriers found in information as we process content.

In order to foster the practice of critical thinking after the webinar, infographics, web-based interactions, and suggested readings will be made available.






5:30 PM - 6:00 PM – Welcome: Ken Phillips

          Greet participants and encourage social interaction

6:05 PM – Call meeting to order.


6:10 PM – Announcements

6:15 PM – Tutorial 

6:40 PM – Introduction of Speaker - Ken Phillips

6:45 PM - Kurt Stuke Presents

         The Value of Critical Thinking in the Workplace

7:45 PM – Question & Answer 

7:30 PM – Closing remarks & Adjournment 




Speaker Biography



Kurt Stuke has over 20 years of experience within the quality, process improvement, operational excellence, and leadership fields. Kurt holds a doctorate in leadership as well as master degrees in philosophy and theology. He is an adjunct faculty member at New England College, S.N.H.U., the Community College System of New Hampshire. He is the owner of QLT LLC and designs and delivers corporate training as well. Topics explored include ethics, organizational leadership, corporate social responsibility, auditing, Lean, six sigma, servant leadership, and quality management. He has a passion for finding creative ways to drive positive change.

Recent publications may be found in the Journal of Quality and Participation, the Open Journal for Business & Management, the ASQ Lean Division Newsletter, the ASQ Audit Division Newsletter, and, most recently, in the Lean ezine Perspective. Recent speaking engagements include the Lean and Six Sigma World Conference, the Quality Show, the ASQ World Conference, BOSCON, the NECQ, and more.


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