ASQPresents! February 2021


Event Date: 02/11/2021    |    Event Time: 5:30 PM (EST)

Event Location: Zoom!





ASQ Presents!™ COVID-19 Panel Discussion


Panelist: Dr. Lee Ann Weitekamp, the Medical Director at Versiti Michigan; Marc Kelemen, Quality Emeritus at ROE Dental Laboratories.

The Grand Rapids Section is pleased to present a COVID-19 discussion on the pandemic’s impact to healthcare organizations. Dr. Lee Ann Weitekamp, the Medical Director at Versiti Michigan; and Marc Kelemen, Quality Emeritus at ROE Dental Laboratories, will be answering prepared questions regarding the effect on products, services, customers, and protocols; as well as their organizational response in these difficult times. Questions will be taken during the meeting utilizing the Zoom Chat function, they will be collated and given to the speakers following the discussion. As we learned last month from Denise Robitaille, the pandemic has catapulted the practice of remote auditing into the forefront of the audit profession; now we will learn how it has impacted healthcare organizations.






5:30 PM - 6:00 PM – Welcome: Ken Phillips

          Greet participants and encourage social interaction

6:05 PM – Call meeting to order.


6:10 PM – Announcements

6:15 PM – Tutorial – Nury Duque-Feghali

         Zoom Tutorial 

6:40 PM – Introduction of Panelist

  Dr. Weitekamp

  Marc Kelemen

6:45 PM - COVID-19 Panel Discussion

         Impact to Business

7:45 PM – Question & Answer 

7:30 PM – Closing remarks & Adjournment 




Panelist Biographies



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