2022 Mid Career PAC

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As we put the primary elections behind us, it is time to look to the future.  We lost seven incumbents and 14 other legislators to retirement this year.  That is a lot of new faces and new names.  ACEC-SC will launch its off-season lobbying effort next month, and it is time for you to get plugged in.  You have reached the time in your career where you have settled in, you are seeing your hard work pay off, and you realize that the advancement of your industry helps you both professionally and personally.

Every year there are issues at the State House and in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill that impact your industry: from funding initiatives to attacks on Engineering and Surveying licensure and laws that dictate language in the contracts you sign.   ACEC-SC is advocating on your behalf.  The strength of our advocacy effort relies on two things: 1) our members personally reaching out to their representatives, and 2) Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions.  Our voice is only as loud as our membership, and ACEC-SC’s conversations go a long way when talking to lawmakers when our 4000+ members are reaching out. Also, the ACEC-SC PAC is donating to more campaigns this year than ever.  As we expand our legislative influence, we are raising the profile of the engineering industry.  

We need your help to continue this effort and there are two easy ways:  First, join ACEC-SC Executive Director Adam B. Jones at the off-season lobbying meetings.  Adam will schedule meetings with legislators in your home district to discuss issues we will face this year.  Adam makes this an easy process by guiding the conversation and providing you with background information in advance. ACEC-SC will be fighting for several vital legislative initiatives that impact engineering businesses and the continuation of infrastructure funding. 

The other way you can help is to give back to your industry.  Please consider donating to the ACEC-SC PAC and the ACEC PAC.  Every dollar helps the cause.  ACEC-SC is asking you to consider donating $100, $250, or $500 to either PAC.  For every donation, you will be entered into a raffle.  The lucky winner will have their registration fee paid for at the ACEC-SC Strategic Planning Retreat at the Beaufort Inn in March 2023. For $100, you have one chance to win, $250, two chances to win, and for $500 four chances to win.

Please join us in our legislative efforts to better the industry that has given you so much. If you have any questions or want to discuss, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to Adam Jones.

Thank you,

Dr. Jeff Mulliken, PhD, PE



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