2019 SCSPE Fall Symposium

Communication for Design Professionals
Presenter: Jeanne d'Orleans, Aligned Learning LLC
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

  • The (Un)Spoken Word…Building Solid Communication Skills: Do you know what communicates the most immediately and has the greatest impact on the listener?  Whether you focus is on sales, management of a diverse team or simply improved relationship with co-workers, this session can provide you with the right insight and tools.  Reduce work conflict, have fewer mistakes, speed up solutions…all due to mis-communication and poor listening.
  • Communicating with Diplomacy and Professionalism: It’s when you’re under pressure or in a difficult conversation that you need the most tact and polish to achieve the best results. Learn best practice techniques and tools.
  • The Written Word: The tradition of writing a hand-written letter may be all but gone, but writing skills are still essential to a businessperson’s success.  E-mails, advertising copy, contracts, proposals and more are still critical.  They all require a thought process that will connect you to the reader. Avoid all too common pitfalls and increase your clarity and persuasion.
  • More on how to communicate professionally. 

    Communicating Under Pressure

    • Thinking on your Feet
    • Break the Ice and Get Conversation Started
    • Communication Snags & Solutions 
    • Build and Maintain Credibility and Mutual Respect 

      Face-to-Face, Phone, Email or Text?

    • Tone, Words, Non-verbal
    • Skillful Listening
    • Productive Meetings

      Communicating Effectively with Different Personality Types

      Diplomatic Ways to:

    • Say No
    • Deliver Bad News
    • Deliver Effective Feedback
    • Delegate Pieces of Projects
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