2019 USAC-Elected Recertification


About USAC-Elected Recertification: Service providers may elect USAC to conduct the rolling recertification process on their behalf. There is no fee to elect USAC. USAC’s process will comply with the federal Lifeline Program Rules.

For more information on the 2019 USAC-elected process reference the July Lifeline Webinar.

Service providers located in National Verifier initial states do not need to submit an election for 2019 USAC-Elected Recertification. Recertification for service providers in initial states will be conducted by the National Verifier going forward. In December 2017, the FCC waived the recertification requirement for service providers in National Verifier initial states starting with January 2018 anniversary dates through the launch of the National Verifier. 


Sorry, the election period is now closed.

Please contact 2019 USAC Election Form at [email protected] for more information.